I was a brave mommy

I kept my promise, I didn’t let the tears fall until the coach turned the corner. I was a brave mommy and she was a brave daughter.


Brave mommy & Daughter

I could only smile sweetly to the other parents as I walked to car, no words would form on my lips.


I know it’s silly, it’s a school trip for goodness sake. A chance for fun laughter and adventure. I hope it’s filled with all of these and so much more and friendships that will bind for a lifetime, but I’m going to miss her like crazy.


She isn’t my baby anymore, at 11 she is nearing those teenage years but like her sisters before her, she will always be my baby, they all are.

Growing up


Yet this sweet one is my last born, no more rocking newborns through the night.


No more sweet toddler kisses.


She is growing up and way to soon for this mommy’s heart.


This school term is her final at primary, September will see her join her big sisters in the world of senior school. She is nervously excited, I am nervously sick.


She is now an ocean away, out of this country out of my reach.


I know it’s only five days, but right now it’s five days to many.


I’ve sat here watching the Disney channel, laughing at Austin and Ally pretending she is on the sofa next to me.


Crazy isn’t it. Sad, well maybe a little.


Her big sisters are offering extra hugs partly to ease my pain and partly due their missing of their little sister.


At times she drives them insane but they are so protective over her. They are missing her dry humour but not her tell tales.


I am fighting not to wish the week away, to enjoy the events I have planned but it’s hard.


I’m  a typical mother hen needing her brood around her, I hate it when they go away but still I want them all to experience all the adventures that life has to offer.


So for Brodie I am praying she has an amazing time in France, enjoys the adventure sports and the sunshine but for myself I am praying for a week that flies by. Staying busy and staying occupied and maybe that means more Disney channel.

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