It seems I’m archaic

Did I not realise that I am here to cater for their every need.

How awful that I require them to do those awful things called chores.

Do I not understand that none of their friends have to do the above.

Why don’t I understand that I should just hand out money for every new top they see or every trip to the cinema.

I mean the attitude that’s their right of passage, they have to go through it and I have to accept it.

True it’s ok for me to have an opinion but hey they don’t have to hear it.

Of course you can’t make plans they may need a lift somewhere at sometime.

Everyone has mobiles at the dinner table you are just being archaic.

Bedrooms are their personal space, if they want them to smell or grow penicillin in discarded cups, I have to allow them this.

On a serious note sometimes I have days I just want to scream, ” I give up”. What I would give for a house full of four under fives again. It was so much easier then, they wanted to play and laugh and tickle and I was the centre of their world.

Parenting is hard, parenting teenagers is very hard.

How is it possible to want to love someone and strangle them at the same time? Ask a parent of a teenager.

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