Favourite time of day – Brit Mums Prompt


One of the Brit mums weekly blog prompts was the question

What is your favourite time of day?

I took my time answering this it’s the blog persona versus real life debate. Should I be making myself out to be this truly devoted l mother whose favourite time of the day is the moment the children awake or shall I be honest and confess my favourite time of the day is the end of the night when all are asleep and the house is quiet and I get some me time.

Now don’t get me wrong the time I spend with my children is a gift. I only know too well how precious life is and how short time can be.

Yet that moment when the house goes quiet and the television is mine or the peace to write is there, then that is bliss.

My life is chaos and I love it. I have two teenage girls one just sitting her GCSE’s and one trying to change the world. I also have an adorable 11 year old who seems to be growing up overnight, trying to be like her older sisters yet still wanting to hold on to the fun of childhood. I also foster children with special needs, so yes my life is chaotic.

If we add running the charity Livvys Smile, studying and blogging into the mix life is very full.

So it’s in this quiet time I find my peace.

No phone calls to answer.
No emails to read
No children to tend to
Chores can be ignored

It’s my time and it’s my recharging time.

Brain is switched off and I am happy to just watch television or read or just let the words flow into my notebook.

Just my time

So yes my favourite time of the day is when the house goes quiet around 10pm at night.

And all these monkeys are asleep. (or pretending to be at least).


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