The encouragement I needed.

Last week I watched my first ever episode of The Secret Millionaire and I was seriously moved by it. So since then and thanks to 4OD I have been playing catching up with the series.


What has really struck me about the programme hasn’t been the money given, even though the money has made a big impact to the charities involved. No what has really struck me is the people.


These wonderful inspiring people who selflessly live their lives trying to make the world better for others.


To them it’s never been about money, its about giving dignity and respect to others. It’s about raising people up to believe in themselves and simply saying, simply showing that someone cares.


The secret millionaires have all seemed to have took away something from the whole experience too.


When we founded Livvy’s Smile we never naively considered the financial side of it all, the fighting for funding etc. All we could see was the smiles on the faces of children with disabilities and their families, and still when the paperwork seems endless and the exhaustion hits. its those smiles that keep us going.


The individuals involved in the charities on the Secret Millionaire really inspired me.


It was the encouragement I needed.


Life isn’t defined by the money you make. It’s the love and compassion you share that matters.

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