I’m excited for Brit Mums Live

So on June 22nd, I’m packing my suitcase and heading off to  London our fair capital city. It’s a weekend I’m so looking forward to. I’m heading to Brit Mums Live an amazing conference for bloggers. 

Yet while I’m excited I’m rather nervous. I’m attending the event solo, not knowing anyone is going to be rather strange but hey ho nothing ventured nothing gained. 


The conference is offering so much that I am going to find useful it is going to be hard to choose between the workshops I want to attend. I’m still trying to decide but with the  choices thats on offer its not going to be an easy decision.


The workshops and speakers offer so much, i’m sure i’m going to learn loads.Maybe its time that I did start paying attention to stats and things, see how technical I sound ha ha. Seriously  though it looks like its going to be a conference for those who want to know more and  for those like me with their head in the sand.

I am excited to hopefully learn some savvy tips that will help me here and over at my alter ego Livvy’s Smile. 

One thing that’s really added to my excitement of this event is making the final of the brilliance in blogging awards in the Inspire category, this has left me glowing inside since the announcement I can tell you that. I’m really looking forward to meeting the other finalists as I admire their writing tremendously.


So hotel is booked, train tickets too, now I need to attend to the most pressing issue of it all. 


What in the world shall I wear? 


I’ m thinking smart casual is the way to go, not business like but not hanging around the house casual. I’ve been through my wardrobe twice and can’t find anything suitable so it looks like a shopping trip is in my future. Clothes can make a big difference to your confidence and I’m so going to need that extra boost. These are the excuses I’m trying on my husband anyway.


So as the countdown to the event begins, are you all ready? 


Have you got your wardrobe planned? 


Are you going solo?


Are you nervous like me?


So ignoring the nerves and lack of suitable wardrobe I am seriously looking forward to Brit Mums live. I’m sure I’m going to leave with some new blog know how and hopefully some new friends. 


See you there!!! 


*P.S  If you are nervous, don’t worry, I’m sure someone mentioned wine.





3 thoughts on “I’m excited for Brit Mums Live

  1. Hello – I’m nervous too! Had a bloggy wobbly this morning at the thought of what I am about to put myself through with all these other more experienced bloggers who know who’s who and what’s what! Looking forward to meeting up with fellow newbies and especially looking forward to the wine to steady the nerves! Now a shopping trip for a new outfit….you are talking my language! Looking forward to meeting you in June xxx


  2. admin

    I’m so nervous but so excited at the same time. As for the shopping trip I’m already depressed can’t fine nothing to wear x


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