Protecting Childhood

I came across this article yesterday and to be honest it has left me shock.

The idea of teaching 5 years olds about sexting appalls me.

A) Five year olds should never be unsupervised while using the Internet

B) Five year olds should never be unsupervised whilst using a mobile phone

C) Both of the above.

At five years old children should be playing with dolls or toys cars. NOT mobile phones or the Internet.

Maybe I’m alone in this thinking but if a teacher had tried to tell my daughters about sexting at five I would have pulled her out of school.

The thing is its not going to just stop at “please don’t send naughty or rude texts to your friends” it’s going to open up the whole concept of sex at such a young age.

While I am all for sexual education at an older age, at five years old no way. This is what the first year of primary school, way to young. Totally inappropriate.

The truth is the education shouldn’t be aimed at the five year old children, it should be aimed at the parents. It is there the responsibility lies.

As parents we need to allow our children to be children this is what we should be protecting.


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