A Finalist

Ok,  this blog post has been a few days late in coming it has been delayed for two reasons.


Firstly I’m ill, Ive been struck down with a vile ear and throat infection which is having a field day with both my balance and my asthma. Just looking at my macbook screen for more than five minutes has left me feeling really nauseous. So of course I am feeling really sorry for myself and begging sympathy from all. 

Secondly and my main reason for not writing is that I have simply been in SHOCK. Yes the capital letters version of it, major.  When I received the email that I was a finalist in the Brilliance in Blogging awards I was completely and utterly gobsmacked. I made my husband read the email for me to double check and  also check the website too but yes there in the Inspire category was Walking with Angels, how blooming amazing is that.

I can not tell you how genuinely surprised I was to see this blog there.


Now don’t get me wrong, I am totally bias; I love my blog, I love that it is a place I can open my heart and let the words pour out onto the pages. I love that it has brought me into contact with people world wide and I really adore that people have followed my journey through these pages as I have faced the loss of Livvy and my adjustment to life being so very different. The encouragement and support I have received has been incredible and so uplifting for me. I guess I’m  just surprised that you guys love it too enough to nominate and vote for me. Surprised but so very pleased.


It is an privilege to make the final and while I seriously don’t expect to win (I mean have you seen the writers in my category I personally love them all) I am going to glow in the honor of being listed along side them.


Now before I get all weepy and emotional which you know I’m so good at I’m simply going to say THANK YOU. Being nominated is awesome, making the final is incredible. 


I am really looking forward to Brit Mums Live it looks like its going to be an amazing conference. A chance to learn more about this crazy world of blogging and a opportunity to hear some great speakers and of course to meet up with some old and new friends .


I’ve been told you tell you all that I will be there at the evening party on the 22nd ready to network with all the other award finalists . The reality is I will be the nervous wreck up the corner hiding with maybe one or two glasses of wine. Though seriously, I would love the opportunity to say hi so please if you see me and want to chat please come over and say HELLO.


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