Raising children isn’t easy at times I could cry with frustration at another split milkshake or forgotten P.E kit.


Endless requests to tidy ones room or do their chores. 


It never stops and it shouldn’t.


Having children is a gift and one we shouldn’t take lightly. from moment they are born we are their translators of life.


They watch us all the time, the example we set are the example they learn from. 


We are their instruction manuals.


They watch us and they follow.


I realized this the other day, I was moaning at the girls to tidy their rooms then I walked into my own bedroom and fell over my mess.


What kind of example am I really setting them?


Of course I could give you a million excuses, busyness, tiredness and plenty more but Im sure if you asked my teenager she would be able to give me the same, exams, revision, boyfriends. 


But excuses are not enough!


I need to remember more that from the moment they were born I became responsible for them, who they will become is depended by part by what lessons I teach.


Of course others will influence their lives but as a mother maybe I am that main influencer.


So as I move away from this keyboard and tidy my bedroom,I remind myself that parents are the translators of life for their children and I am going to work on providing a better translation.

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