I realized the other day, how little I comment on other blogs. Its not that I haven’t found the content to be interesting or moving. I just seem to read and fly.


Its not been helped that most of the posts come via email into my inbox and are read on the move from my phone. As I wait for the kettle to boil or the washer to finish.


I read but do I really take in what people are saying, I never find time to click through to the site to add my thoughts, do I agree, do I want to send love, or to just say I’ve read and understood.


Has commenting gone down in the last six months or so ? Is it just due to the easier access from our phones, tablets etc.


Or have we started taking each others words for granted?


The truth is the blogging world is getting massive, so many voices shouting to be heard.


Yet behind our screens we just want our words to be read. We wait patiently for communication with others.


I know some bloggers have turned off their comment boxes writing for just the joy of the written word and I can totally understand and admire that.


Yet for me I long for that comment, that communication that has reached across the miles and says “yes I understand” “you are not alone”.


Its not validation I’m after its community, its contact. My writing has never been about statistics, just about sharing my heart.


So from this day forward I am going to read other bloggers posts with the concentration they deserve, to revel in others words, in others lives and then in that little box at the bottom of the page Im going to share my heart and my mind. I going to say yes, I visited, I read, I listened. I’m here.


I encourage  you to do the same. 



2 thoughts on “Comments

  1. Karen Alderson

    Thank you sara, I’ve just joined Twitter, and found you via Ann Voskamp (I just finished reading her book after 3 slow months, very very emotional for me), and I am so thrilled with your words, sending big sister hugs across cyberspace and a big thank you for how He is blessing me through you. :))


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