It’s Back to School

I’m so grateful for the newly ironed school uniform. The concept of a few hours peace sounds heavenly.

I’m exhausted it’s been a chaotic two weeks.

A trip to Blackpool for an ice skating competition.

Horse riding days.

Days at the park

Easter egg hunts

Marathon shopping trips

Holding a fund raising event for Livvy’s Smile.


Add into this dealing with the temper tantrums of teenagers and challenging behaviour due to autism it’s been an eventful few weeks.

Did I mention I was exhausted!

I would love to say that I will be spending today resting up and catching some zzzz’s but I have a to do list a mile long.


Phone calls to make, emails to write and events to organise.

Things that I couldn’t get done with four crazy kids around me.

I’m sure I’m not alone. I do wonder how moms who work from home manage it. I really struggle to concentrate with the noise level my children bring. Background noise of the Disney Chanel in one room the foo fighters in the other.

How do they do it? I have upmost respect for women who can or have to keep working through the holidays.

As a foster carer I guess I’m always working but paperwork seems to come to a halt when school ends.

I would welcome any advice or any tips you have learn or discovered.

As for me, I’m counting the minutes until that school bell rings.


Bad mom ? No

Honest mom? Yes.

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