A New Day

This weekend I attended what is known as a Steps to Freedom day. It’s part of the Freedom in Christ course which I’ve been part of for the last ten weeks. 


It’s an intensive but such an amazing course.


The steps day is a day where you come to lay all your sins at the foot of the cross and move on in the freedom of Christ. In the forgiveness that Jesus died for on the cross.


Now of course this is a Christian course but I do wonder that personally each of us need that pathway to freedom.


For me there was many issues from teenage years that I was still now allowing to drag me down into a cycle of guilt and self blame.


Things that I wish I hadn’t done. Days I wish I could live over. 


I know I’m far from unique in these feelings. I’m sure many of us have a closet full of “if only” or “I wish I hadn’t “.


We all make mistakes we are human after all.


The truth is we cannot go back, something’s we can put right  but others we need to learn to let go off.


Saturday was that day for me. I cut the strings of condemnation and shame and moved on in forgiveness.


In the forgiveness of Christ Jesus but also I forgave myself.


It was day to lay it on the table and say ” yes I screwed up” but today is a new day.


It was an exhausting but liberating experience.


I would recommend the course to anyone but if the Christian way isn’t yours I still recommend the principle of forgiveness.


Lay it all out forgive yourself and remember today is a new day.

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