Should We Know More?

In my family the is the unspoken rule that we don’t discuss religion and politics as we know we could never agree on any of them. 

 Yet the other night my sister was staying over and we were generally chatting and she said out of the blue” you know what bugs me about politics”? To be honest I was scared to ask (unwritten rule and all that).”it’s that the reality is many of us don’t understand it, how it all works”

This really struck me, as although I have tried to educate myself a little I’m a complete novice and have only basic understanding.

Do you remember when you were eighteen and you were so excited about being able to vote how much did you really know about the who and why of the political parties involved?


Considering our country is a democracy and our votes make a difference. I do wonder if we should be educated a little more as children. Preparing us for the gift of voting.


It is so much more that just marking a  X in a box.


What do you all think? Should our children be taught more about the government and the political parties?

One thought on “Should We Know More?

  1. Nick

    Well democracy only works if the people care and take an interest in things other than their laundry and paychecks. So – you’ve got a point.


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