Three Precious Word’s.

Growing up in my family we didn’t talk emotions. Nobody needed that touchy feely stuff. It was a case of you know I love you,I don’t need to say it.


But you know what I did need to hear those words. At times I was struggling and felt alone.


So with my children I decided to break the chain. I was going to embrace the world of the touchy feeling and cover them in words of love and affection.


Never was I so glad of this decision than on that fateful night three years ago when the last words spoken to my daughter as I lay her to sleep were “I love you to the moon and stars.”

Never would I have imagined the importance of those words. The last words I was to speak to her this side of eternity.


As I listen to my children tell each other of their love. Shout I love you to their dad as he drops them off in front of their friends. I’m so glad I broke the chain.


Never think people know of your love, make sure of it. Say the words we all love to hear. 


Three simple words which are priceless, I LOVE YOU.

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