When Bonnie told me the word they were discussing this week over at Faith Barista was the word TRUST I felt sick.


‘Trust ‘ the big elephant that is in every room I enter in my life.


I struggle


I stumble


I fall


I crash


I burn


I just cannot open my heart.


My husband tells me that he struggled so much with my inability to trust him. He felt he had to prove himself over and over again. I know he is right and I’m far from proud but I just can’t.


If I look back into my life maybe I can find the reasons for this, I really don’t have the answers. Maybe the truth is I don’t want them, its easier this way.


Heart protected


Nobody getting in.


Everyone at arms length.


I know the problem is mine, so many people in my life deserve my trust, my complete 100% trust but I hold back.


Is the issue self worth?

Am I worthy of someone’s trust.


Am I?


One thought on “TRUST

  1. It is hard to trust other people, especially if we have been wounded in relationships. A good beginning place is trusting God. He will never let us down. As our trust in God grows our expectations of others may change a little; we are secure in God’s love.

    Are we worthy of each other’s trust? We all sin and need to acknowledge and forgive each other. It is finding a place where we can be honest and transparent with each other, desiring to grow.


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