27 Million – Let’s stop human trafficking together.

27 million what an incredible number but in the case of human trafficking it is a devastating amount.


Each number is one victim, one human being subjected to the worst conditions you could ever imagine, rape, beatings and so much more. 


Sold, tortured, abused, starved, ignored.


When did we become a world that didn’t care?


Let’s join together a make a difference.


How can you help?


It’s simple visit itunes, amazon , play.com and download the new single from Matt Redman and LZ7.

It’s a release into the main stream charts not because they want a christian single there because they want to wake up the world to the victims of Human Trafficking. Lets get it to number one…

Go over and like the facebook page, share the page, tweet, blog anything that raises awareness.

Go visit The A21 campaign and support the fantastic work they do.


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