Teenagers, Free to a good home

Perfected in the art of parental manipulation, temper tandems and hormonal warfare.

Will guarantee they will cause chaos at least twice a day.

Both are completely house-trained but refuse to accept it.

Will provide wardrobes but they do prefer to use the floor.

 Sisterly love is there but stays hidden for at least 16 hours of the day (the other 8 they are asleep).

Both eat well but will complain that there is never any food in the cupboards. Translated this means “no food I fancy or that doesn’t need cooking”.

They do both suffer with confusion as they often think they live in a hotel.

The two are willing receivers of cuddles but if they are offering hugs be prepared for the following “can I or I wants”.

On a serious not regardless of all the above , which I am told is the normal for teenagers they are incredible girls and I am blessed to be their mom, but truthfully SOMEDAYS.

I honestly thought the toddler years were hard, but nothing has prepared me for the battlefields of the teenage years.

I’m tired exhausted frustrated and that’s usually before they have left for school.


At the moment I am surviving on coffee and humour and of course the fact that I love them with all my heart.

But a teenage free retreat sounds BLISSFUL right now.


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