Investment’s of Love

I was chatting with my youngest yesterday when out of the blue she asked me why I don’t go to the beauty salon. My first thought was “do I really look that bad” but I decided with baited breathe to ask  “why have you asked that?”. 


It seems her friend’s mom goes attends a salon at least once a week, to get her nails etc done and she wondered why I didn’t go.


I explained that really we don’t have spare cash for me to go have my nails done etc.


“What do you do with your money” she asked in that sweet ten year old manner.


“It gets used for lots of things” I replied. “food, heating, diesel, clothes and of course all my investments”


“What’s investments” she asked


“It’s when you put something in and hope to get something more or different out” I explained.


She sat pondering this for a while then asked “what kind of things do you invest in?”


“That’s easy ” I replied,” horse riding lessons, singing lessons, Ice skating lessons, youth trips and so much more.”


“But they are for all of us, what do you get from these investments? ” she asked 


“My daughters happiness, I get to hear you guys giggle, watch you all grow and develop in confidence and of course have lots of  fun. For a mama’s heart that is priceless.


Brodie sat pondering this for a while, then said, 


“Mom you don’t need any beauty salon, you are beautiful”.


One blessed mummy x


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