Wiped Out

I have to confess I am completely exhausted. Last week started with my foster son coming down with a cold which he shared in his sweet loving and kind manner with me.

It wiped the floor with me, my loving immune system did its usual thing and lay back and left me open and vulnerable. Most of the half term holiday was spent with me lying in bed dosed up on hot tea and painkillers.

To be honest I haven’t felt that ill in a long time and I really don’t like it. It left me feeling so out of it and lost from normal family life. I hated it, I like to know whats going on and what people are up to, but last week I lost days not just hours too exhausted sleep. I was actually too tired to read, not heard off.

Anyway, I am free from the flu now (hopefully) just left with an extreme amount of joint pain and still completely exhausted. I’m finding myself needing to rest after say about an hour of normal life. NOT GOOD.

I don’t normally allow my illness to effect my life, I take the pain killers and carry on ignoring all the Doctors tips on pacing myself. Yet sometimes my body becomes my own worst enemy and betrays me.

So I guess the next few weeks life has to take a slower pace (someone please inform my children). I’m only going to do what needs to be done, the rest can be rearranged or missed. It’s going to be a strange concept for me but hey ho needs must right.

Do you struggle to let yourself heal? Ignore doctors advice when he says rest.

I’m terrible, I use the general statement of “moms don’t have time to rest”. Yet last week my husband informed me that “moms actually do need rest and are not immune from illness”. Smart butt, not nice picking on the sick woman lying in bed.

But he is right (don’t tell him), as parents we do need to look after ourselves. Our children depend on us and we are no good to them ill and exhausted.

So a new philosophy for me, I’m actually going to start trying to look after myself better. Attempting to get the recommended amount of sleep and also I am going to start taking  a daily vitamin. Maybe I will see a difference maybe I wont but it doesn’t hurt to try.

All moms need some TLC at times, let me know if you decide to look after yourself a little more, maybe we can start a TLC moms campaign.


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