Prom dress nightmare

Shopping its one of those things that I love to hate. At times it can be a pleasure but for the most it’s a chore.

I mean I have four girls, how long can spending hours sitting outside a dressing room be considered fun.

The endless quest for the perfect top which in the end turns out to be the first one they tried on.

I love buying for my girls but hate shopping with them.

It’s ok still with my youngest, I know still what she likes and can easily pick up items I know she will like.

But the teens don’t go there. The look of disgust when I suggest a top. If I hear “so last year” once more I may actually scream. I tend to stay quiet, nodding gently and only disagreeing when it’s either to revealing or to short. (hey these are my babies you understand).

Mostly I now just hand them the cash and send them to town with each other or their friends, bliss.

Yet that didn’t happen this week I was dragged out of my comfort zone into what felt like a living hell. A cross between toddlers and tiaras and my gypsy wedding. We went Prom dress shopping.

Now don’t get excited the prom isn’t until June and I do promise numerous photos, but it seems you have to get the dress early. It’s the done thing, so I’m told.

After a few suggestions of flowers, frills and white cute ankle socks I was told to stay quiet in a loving sort of daughterly way. You know the one, the look that says “Mom could you be anymore embarrassing”.

The quest was on, Kennedy told me the dress needed to be straight, it needed to have a low back and hopefully be in blue.

Well after what seemed like eternity in the torture zone, I was staring at my baby with tears pouring down my face. Gone was that chubby young toddler and here before was an elegant beautiful amazing young lady.

My heart broke (and not just at the price). She looked stunning, she had found the perfect dress.

I’m rather excited now for June, while I’m not keen on the whole over the top prom theme I do appreciate how hard my girlie is working on her exams and will continue to do so. If her prom is as amazing as her dress she will have an incredible time and you know what she deserves it.

As for me I am so grateful that I now have a two year break before its Eden’s turn. Though to quote Eden “I’m not going unless I can wear my converse”. Now that I understand.

One thought on “Prom dress nightmare

  1. Pat Yirrell

    Ah Sara that brings back memories, although it was the 6the form ball. All I could see when I went to bed that night and closed my eyes was tulle, net, satin and sequins. It’s such a relief when you find something you both like.
    My Daughter is the one that tried on 30 wedding dresses before finding The one!. Hope you can all endure the wait till June


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