I Miss Kissing.

As I watch my daughter float around the house lost in the throes of young love. I cannot help but think back to when I first met her father, my hubby Alan. (Also when did my daughter get old enough to be in love, thats another blog post).

How my heart flipped when I first when I first saw him.

How the time apart felt like a lifetime.

I am lucky for the most part this still happens.

I still get that tingle when I see him,

I miss him like crazy when we are apart.

But after considering and wallowing in my memories I have come to the conclusion I really miss KISSING.

We do still kiss but I guess like most married couples, when you actually get time for a good old snog it tends to lead elsewhere.

I miss the times when that doesn’t happen.

Do you remember the hours you used to spend just kissing?

The hours spent on the back row of the cinema,

The cuddles and kisses on the sofa as you watched a video (no dvds then).

The innocence and promise of those sweet kisses!

I miss them.


3 thoughts on “I Miss Kissing.

  1. I miss them too!!!! 😦
    not just any kiss… I miss kisses of someone I love… someone that knows me… someone I know… I miss the familiarity of it all… simple things…
    I think I miss being in love….


  2. rozina

    missing my hubby kissing
    Raat main apni banhon main bhar kar mujhy apne honton se pyar karna miss him
    Der tak honton ko chusna ufff


  3. rozina

    janu aa jaao mera ang ang tarap raha hai jism main aag lagi hoi hai meri piyas bujha do mujhy itna pyar karo k main sab bhol jaaon kuch yaad na rahe ham itne ek dosry main gum hon k koi hosh na rahe


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