I trust..

Ever since I stated that my one word for 2012 was going to be true, I have felt the enemy at my heels saying” prove it then”.

Conversations with strangers has tested my self belief so much. Is who I am, what I do good enough?

A comment ripping to my core of self confidence. Will I achieve my dreams?

The pain of grief tearing at my soul, challenging me, is this the life you prayed for?

I wear my word like armour across my heart, like a shield across my soul.


God knows me inside and out, he formed me in my mothers womb. He created the person I am and the person I have yet to be.

So no matter when my self belief is running low.

I believe in God

When I have no self confidence

I have every confidence in God.

When life feels far from the life I dreamed of.

I trust in Gods plans.

True to my heart
True to my soul
True to my God.

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