Don’t judge me.

Yes I overindulge my children but I feel so blessed to be their mother.

This isn’t indulgement in the sense of money and gifts but in time and cuddles.

I’m often faced with people telling me that they only had one child so they could give them the world and all their time. They judge me for having four children and fostering.

Yet they are off having weekly girls nights out, holidays without their children, or working full time. Through choice not necessity.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not judging them, we all have different reasons for doing what we do but I get frustrated when people judge me.

My children are my world. I work as a foster carer for two main reasons. One, there are so many children in need of a loving, secure family home. Two I want to be home to raise my children.

I want to be their first point of call. The person they come to with their worries their concerns. I want to watch them giggle and laugh with their siblings, tease their daddy.

I want to be there, experience them, love them.

Childhood is so brief one moment I was holding this adorable chunky newborn in my arms the next she is planning her 16th birthday party.

Children are blessings from God I have always known this but I confess the impact of losing my sweet daughter Livvy in 2008 drove this home. How special our children are, how blessed we are to be parents.

I love being a mom, yes at times I moan or want a five minute escape but truthfully it’s the best job in the world.

Being a full time mom isn’t a second choice for me. It’s not a second class job. It’s what I do by choice and I love it.

All love begins and ends there. Robert Browning

Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs in my field, since the payment is pure love. ~Mildred B. Vermont


One thought on “Don’t judge me.

  1. Pat Yirrell

    Against your wishes Sara, I would like to ‘judge’ you. My judgement is that you are doing a fantastic job, much better than I ever could. I would probably have had more children, but started late and then and a lousy second pregnancy.
    By the time I felt ready to try again it was too late. You cannot spoil a child by giving them what they need, ie love, cuddles, fairness, firmness and a listening ear. Far better that they have your attention than myriad expensive toys and gadgets, and no quality time with you.
    On top of this you foster, I have great admiration for you for doing this. There I have ‘judged’ you and found you to be a star!


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