Anyone know the way?

It’s crazy somedays I just get so caught up in my lack of self confidence that everything seems to be so different to how it really is.

It’s like my reality can be screwed up by my emotions.

Today I’ve been feeling really down on myself, someone had said something to me that just robbed me of my self confidence in one sentence.

The crazy thing is I don’t think they meant it to sound how I heard it.

They were talking about learning more, I was hearing “you are thick and know nothing.”

How do I get to point of belief?

A point where I believe in myself.

I’m trying hard to let things wash over.

To have faith in myself.

To be true to myself and liking who I am.

It’s a journey with a lot of dead ends. I feel like I’ve taken the wrong road at times and are completely lost.

Does anyone have a map?

Anyone know the way?


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