Yes it’s back to school tomorrow

Ok I confess I’m so looking forward to tomorrow.

Yes the children are going back to school.

As much as I love having my children around I’m happy to get back into some form of organised chaos.

Bedtimes can go back to normal.

House can stay tidy for at least a few hours.

Television can stay off.

My mind can be my own for a little while.

I love the quality time the holidays bring me with my children but I am in desperate need of some ME time. Just some space to write, read or maybe just to do nothing.

Dealing with a child with special needs is rewarding but exhausting and to be totally honest I’m shattered.

Dealing with two teenage girls can be brain numbing there is only so many times one can say “stop arguing”.

So yes I’m looking forward to the return to school. The alarm clock, the school journey it all, especially the peace and quiet of those precious hours between 9am and 3pm.

Now if only I could get rid of the hubby for a few hours too.


One thought on “Yes it’s back to school tomorrow

  1. Is it wrong for me to be green with envy? Mine are back to school tomorrow but sadly so am I ( I teach )! Enjoy your quiet time- doing just nothing sounds bliss to me- I’d go with that option! I hope 2012 sees all your dreams unfold…x


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