Christmas Wishes

Dear Santa

If I could have just one Christmas wish it would be to whisper I love you in my daughters sweet smelling hair. To twist those curls around my fingers and hear her gentle breathes on my cheek.

But I know Santa this is beyond your red large sack. Heaven is beyond the limits for your glorious sledge.

Yet in faith I know that the real reason for this joyous season has no limits. That one day in the future I will join my daughter in eternity. Where the passage of time will be no more. Where I get to hold her sweet hand in mine once again.

While I look forward to this day I still have so much to hold on to here on earth.

So here on the eve of our Saviours birthday I come to Jesus to say

Thank you.

Thank you for  my gentle daughters who have been my strength and my reason for living. They have showed me laughter and love that has no bounds.

Thank you for my dear husband he is my lifebelt in the rough waters of life. When I have been drowning he has saved me.

Thank you for my family and friends who I hold so dear. For being there when I needed a shoulder to cry on or a ear to moan to.

May you Jesus bless them all.

Bring peace to the chaos

Love to the lonely

Health to the sick

Joy to the world

May all come to know the eternal love that was born on that day in Bethlehem.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Wishes

  1. Thank you for always reminding me in the greatest gift of all. I have nothing but admiration for you and you give me the wake up call i need and deserve when i get down with Erin’s treatment. At least she is not ill and I dont have to face the road you travel. Love to you all. x


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