What about Mary?

I’ve been thinking a lot about Mary the mother of Jesus and how she was feeling at this time.

When I was expecting my children the excitement used to bubble up inside of me. The plans I had for them, the lives I was dreaming for them. The desire to protect and keep them safe.

I’m sure Mary was feeling all those things but for her the truth was so different. Her son was coming into this world to be a saviour for all. Even If we just put aside the amazing way the child inside was conceived Mary had a lot to face.

We never really hear of the courage of Mary but I wonder if I could have been that brave. To risk everything to have a trust and faith so strong to say yes to God.

I get frustrated at times at the way Mary is perceived as a meek woman who does her duty. To me she is an incredible warrior who stayed strong in faith against all that must have come around her. The judgement, the scorn.

Then on that glorious night after labouring her child in her arms she held her precious son. The saviour to all who comes to him.

How did she feel? Was she scared for the future before him? Was she full of pride knowing her son was destined for greatest. Did she ever consider the cost of such a sacrifice?

With a mothers heart I feel for Mary as she watched her son suffer for us all.

With a sinners heart I give great thanks for the birth of our saviour Jesus Christ.


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