The Love Dare

My husband and I watched the DVD Fireproof the other night. It’s a Christian movie based around the book The Love Dare. It’s a fantastic resource for people considering marriage or who are married.

While the movie is based on a marriage that is at breaking point it’s also useful for marriages that just need a little TLC.

My marriage is fine it’s not perfect but show me one that is. I brought the DVD simply because honestly at times I miss my husband. We get so caught up in the children,our job and general life stuff that we forget to take time to cherish each other.

The movie was an eye opener for us both, it gave us so much to think about that days on we are still digesting it all.

One part that really struck me was when they stated that when we are courting we study our partner. We ask them questions about who they are, what they like? Yet when we get married we stop asking these questions.

Now I know for a fact that I’m not the same person I was 15 years ago when we got married, I have different likes and dislikes in everything from world news to music tastes. The same is for Alan yet when did I last ask “what music are you enjoying”? or “what do you think about this or that”?

I loved the concept of the movie so much that I’ve ordered the book the Love Dare. I want to keep my marriage as fresh as it was when we first said I do. The fact is after everything Alan and I have faced together we are pretty strong and I love him more now than I did 16 years ago. Yet relationships need time and to be nurtured and your marriage is one of the most important relationships you ever have.

I know at times Alan and I take each other for granted so I’m setting us the challenge of the Love dare, I let you know how we get on.


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