No Disappointment

“God appoints people who do disappoint – to point to a God who never disappoints.” Ann Voskamp

I first heard this quote about two weeks ago after listening to the keynote speech from Ann at the relevant conference. While the whole speech was amazing these words stayed tattooed to my heart.

You see I wake up each morning and hate what I see in the mirror. The desire to be a different person consumes me. I want to go back and live my life all over again. Be a better person, stay purer, erase the years of sin.

I want so much to be a person who God can use. A vessel for his glory.
Yet all I see is disappointment.

So when I heard the words, “God appoints people who disappoint ” my heart ached with relief.

I get so caught up in my disappointment of myself that I lose the glory of who God is. That the grace of God is so much more than I could ever comprehend.

How easy would it be for God to use a righteous person to proclaim his words. How their words should be enough. Yet Jesus took the fallen and raised them up. Just as he spoke to the woman at the well he speaks to me.

Jesus didn’t take only the educated, the wealthy to follow him. Jesus didn’t judge by appearances. The size of your bank balance didn’t matter it was the size of your heart he searched for.

Yes I have disappointed and I’m sure I will disappoint again but in Jesus there is no disappointment. Our God is one who never disappoints.

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