Hope for the weary Mom

Exhaustion a word that doesn’t come close. “When exhausted one should rest”. Pray tell that to the teens and tens that see life as a challenge or a chance to be a challenge.

My bones ache my soul so weary. I feel so alone but praise be to our Saviour I am not alone.

My soul has been uplifted, my heart has been embraced by a community of dear mothers, whose deepest love falls out In their words. Their children are their blessings but they too are weary.

I’m not alone, it’s not only me who prays for peace. Not alone in feeling guilty as I crave for five minutes of alone time, feels resentment at the early waking, prays for a day without drama.

I take strength from the belonging , comfort from the shared.

My children are my world those from my body, those from my heart but this mom is weary and so grateful for the Hope for the weary community that has blessed my life.

Together we are each others energy, the healing balm for our souls.


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