When Plans Go Wrong


Why is it when you put so much into plans for a special day life seems to have a different idea? Does the universe have some plan against my enjoyment?

 Yesterday was one of those special days. Our fifteen anniversary was supposed to be spent shopping and going out for a lovely meal in the evening.

What actually happened was a visit to the dressmaker, a migraine and a sick baby sitter.

So my anniversary was celebrated eating a Chinese takeaway watching the weekly catch up of our favourite television programmes.

But the truth is it didn’t matter. Yes I would have loved some quality time with my husband, some special one on one time to chat, laugh and share memories but I guess it wasn’t to be.

Instead I got an excited daughter who loves her new ice skating dress, a poorly sister who got a chance to rest and who will hopefully get over her illness soon.

I am so blessed in my life, that fancy meals, shopping trips are only the external trimmings to a life filled with love. 

Anyway just to make you all grimace with my sloppiness, everyday with my hubby is an anniversary but the truth is Im a little fed up right now.





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