15 Years Ago

15 years ago my life changed dramatically. I left behind the life of a single woman and became a wife.

I married an incredible man who has loved me like no other. Who has been my strength when I was so weak I didn’t feel I continue.

Who has showed me the meaning of true love, has shown me respect, made me feel cherished and always honoured me as his wife.

Together we have faced pain like no other our hearts have been torn in two but we are slowly piecing them back and we can only do this because we are doing it together.

We have been blessed with four amazing daughters and two foster children we have loved like our own. They are the light of our lives and our greatest achievements.

 I miss him when we are apart. I enjoy life more when he is by my side.

He is my rock, my life, my love.

Happy 15th Anniversary to the man God blessed my life with.



Today, tomorrow, forever


I love you.

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx



2 thoughts on “15 Years Ago

  1. Pat Yirrell

    Happy anniversary Sara, have a lovely day. It’s good when difficulties bring a couple closer together, that’s how it should be. May you have many more years of happiness.


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