My biggest pet peeve is…….

It’s Brit Mums Prompt of the week time and this week we were asked what

My biggest pet peeve is?

For me this was easy

My biggest pet peeve is falseness.

The world is full if people who will look you straight in the eye and tell you what they think you want to hear, regardless if it’s the truth or not.

Fluffy comments, insincere tweets they drive me mad. Also don’t get me started on people who go behind others backs.

I was always taught if I hadn’t anything nice to say stay quiet.

I believe that what I say should be sincere; I want people to trust if I write a blog post, comment, tweet my words are from my heart are the truth.

2 thoughts on “My biggest pet peeve is…….

  1. I agree. No point saying anything if you all you want to do is start an argument. My sister if very much like that and has lost many friends through being too opinionated.

    But on the other hand, she (an example) does get things out in the open if she has something to say. She doesn’t hold back, which in some cases, isn’t always the best way to be.

    CJ xx


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