Paperback or Hardback?

I was having a conversation the other day regarding the subject I am hoping to study, when I was asked if I had been reading up on the subject. I replied “yes I have “. I was then asked “paperback or hardback?”

This struck me right away as such a truth; I wander through life like I’m reading a paperback, a good story but nothing that really goes deep. I’m afraid to wade into the pages of a hardback, scared to let the water reach my waist, staying safely in the shallow water.

The truth is I’m not happy living life this way anymore. I needed it for a while but now I’m ready to live life deeply and completely.

Sometimes life is so chaotic that we find ourselves standing on the outside, for comfort, for safety maybe even for sanity.  The daily routine becomes a security blanket that we hold on tight to. I’m ready to lose that blanket and invest fully in what and who I believe in.

I’m not sure what the future holds but I’m embracing it with excitement and anticipation. No more letting fear overrule my decisions. I have ideas and dreams and its time I let them escape from my thoughts into my actions.

I’m ready to start the hardback of my life.

One thought on “Paperback or Hardback?

  1. What an inspiring post for 9am on a Saturday morning (and the 1st of the month)!! I’ve never heard that before – I like it a lot! Good luck, hope that hardback is a bestseller 😉 xx


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