Daddy Dates – Greg Wright – Booksneeze review

Daddy dates – Greg Wright

I ordered Daddy dates via Booksneeze with the hope that I could read through it with my husband. As a father of four girls he tells me he will take all the help he can get.

Greg Wright writes in an open friendly way and the book shares some good insights but my husband was sceptical at the start. He was unsure how he could implement the suggestions into our already busy schedule.

Some of Greg’s dates are lovely to read and I can understand how the concept of daddy dates could work for a father who works long hours. But for my husband who works as a foster carer beside me and is a full time dad we felt there wasn’t much need. Daddy takes the girls to lessons, sits in the car for journeys talking and sharing their lives.

Greg writes

“Dating your better half is so important and you should never stop. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, so if you want to know the fruit you had better start watering the roots”. I believe what Greg was trying to convey was that our girls are growing and that all fathers need to spend time getting to know their children just like they spend time getting to know their wives and growing their relationship.

It is a good concept and one that my husband and I spent a lot of time discussing. While he didn’t feel the need to have dates with his daughter’s, he did start turning of the radio more on car journeys and asking more questions.

I do recommend the book for any fathers who feel out of touch with their children’s lives or those who want suggestions on how to get to know them more.

It took us a long while to work through this book as we read it as a couple and spent a lot of time discussing it.

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