I cannot live without – Brit Mums prompt


I’m loving the Brit Mums prompt off the week. It’s a great way of getting you writing about a subject that may never cross your mind normally. Opening your way of thinking.

This weeks prompt is…I cannot live without…

At first my mind went of course to my family, my beautiful girls, loving  husband these of  course are granted. Life without them isn’t worth thinking about. This as you know I speak from experience.

Then I decided to keep the post light but true. The thing I cannot live without is my…. I phone.

I know total cliche yet I have surprised myself at the level of love I feel for  my phone.

I can stay in contact with the outside world from the comfort of my bed, pure bliss.

I can check my email on the run, reply as I sit in Starbucks enjoying my latte.

Texting is wonderful for those conversations you don’t have time for or would rather not have. But mostly for that quick hello letting people know they are loved and are being thought about.

I have my journal in my hands, after years of dragging my notebooks around  with me for those  moments when inspiration hits. I can now just let’s the words flow out through the keyboard on my phone.

I can blog in the middle of a field when we are camping. Tweet in church (not that I do that) ha ha.

Those moments I find myself saying “I wish I had brought my camera”, I have in my phone.

Oh and before I forget, the endless music I carry in the iPod part of this heavenly device.

I hear people say that technology takes time away from you. I disagree my iPhone has allowed me to work in waiting rooms, on journeys and by doing so has given me time back to relax and enjoy life.

Yes I cannot live with my iPhone.  I love it…….

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