As the seasons change


Bonnie over at Faith Barista asked us to reflect on our faith as we enter the season of fall. Or to me here in the UK autumn.


Maybe it’s wrong to say my faith has been like the changing seasons. Starting with the fresh flowering of spring into the burning passion of summer , cooling at times into autumn then moments of pure frozen winter.


My heart has ached for the warm of summer to fill my soul but I’ve struggled and found myself reaching for protection against the bitterness of the winter.


Yet as we face the autumn months and the winter becomes closer I find that I’m not afraid. That somewhere, somehow I have found peace within me.


The reality is life changes and at a pace a lot quicker than the changing seasons. I can experience summer and winter in the same day, the same moment.


But the realisation I have come to is whatever the weather God is my protection. In the sun is he my sunscreen, in the rain he is my umbrella. In my heart he is my saviour.


So as I watch the beauty of the autumn, the changing colours of the leaves on the trees, I give thanks to God for the changing of my heart.


4 thoughts on “As the seasons change

  1. I like how you referred to God as your protection no matter what is the season or weather. Also as the seasons change, we change and the Bible says it is from Glory to Glory. I believe that changing happens as we stay in God’s word and behold His face in its pages.


  2. Sara! This was beautiful… and it made my heart happy to hear that your soul is tasting some moments of peace easing into autumn. That last picture was just golden warmth. I was so excited to hear you were jamming last week. Thank you for this treasure, friend.


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