Ok it’s bugging me!

I have to share something that is really bugging me. The parent and child reward clubs that you find offered by main street stores.You know the ones, you buy an item for your baby get points rewarded to your card. Receive a monthly magazine with vouchers enclosed for money off future purchases.

Now don’t get me wrong I think the concept of these schemes is great, most new parents need any help they can towards the financial aspect of raising a child. My moan is the fact that around the age of two the offers stop.

Yes of course most children are out of nappies and are not using as much baby stuff by then. But for me this hasn’t been the case.

Each week I buy a baby shampoo, a baby lotion, a baby body wash, a pack of night time nappies and at least two packs of baby wipes.

My child is 10 years old but has special needs.

Maybe it’s not a big enough market, maybe our children are not as picture perfect as cute, adorable newborns for advertising campaigns(I totally disagree). But I tell you after being a parent of a disabled child for the last twelve years there is a need.

A voucher of wipes would be welcome, rewards on nappies fantastic. Anything that can help offset the cost of raising a child with extra needs.

I don’t think it would be hard to implement such a scheme. I know many parents of disabled children would appreciate such a scheme and stores would find themselves with loyal customers.

Nobody planned to still be changing nappies on their ten year old child. Life is far from easy. It would be nice to get a little help and acknowledgement from the shops we spend our money in.

3 thoughts on “Ok it’s bugging me!

  1. Can I ask what size of nappies you use and where you get them? This probably sounds like a mad question to be coming out of the blue from a complete stranger, but I have an autistic son, almost 7, who needs nappies at night and who is soaking through his nappy before morning (even if I go in before going to bed myself and change him). It’s hugely difficult and I could really do with a more absorbent nappy for him if possible. Currently using Sainsbury’s Size 6.


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