What would I change?

Over at Brit Mums the question was asked “What would you change if you could start your blog over again”?

I had actually been thinking about this as I have just swapped my blog to self hosted.

Besides a general update now again on the theme, graphics etc there isn’t much more I would change.

My blog is simply who I am it has no airs and graces. It doesn’t have any fancy on it due to me being totally technically inapt and far from fancy as a person.

What it does have is pages of my heart felt writings.

The reason I started my blog is the same reason I continue today. To share my life, my dreams and my family.

I know there are probably many ways I or things I could add to bring more traffic to my blog but the truth is I love to write and if it’s only read by one person. I hope that person enjoys it.

So I wouldn’t change my blog, it is who I am warts and all.


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