Ten years

Today couldn’t go past without mentioning the awful events of this day ten years ago.

September 11th 2001 a date that was torn into our minds and hearts. The devastation, destruction, the face of evil was apparent to the world that day.

Too many innocent lives were taken. Too many have lost there lives since due to the events of that horrific day.

How do you move forward?

The truth is we have no choice. I remember sitting at home on that fateful day holding my 6 month old daughter in my arms watching the devastation unfold on the television screen before me. I sat there in a daze wondering what kind of world my four girls had been born in to.

Of course i was shocked by the evil of this event, yet the truth is evil has been about for eternity the holocaust, genocide and many more atrocities committed in the name of faith, in the guise of sovereignty.

No evil is something we see all to often.

What struck me was the good in this world. The bravery of the firemen as they battled the blazes. The police officers, the ambulance staff. Each one a hero in their own right. They didn’t walk away they walked forward together.

People all over the world uniting in prayer, uniting in grief pulling together, holding each other. Refusing to be beaten by terror.

The world isn’t evil just some of the people in it.

It’s this hope I give to my child, this faith that there is good in the world.

I join the world as we remember the lost today. I pray for the grieving families and for the leaders of the world to work together so nothing like this happens again.

I stay strong in my hope and my prayers for peace.

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