Statistics are not the reason I write

Yesterday I finally got round to checking on my placing in one of the charts that are about in blogging. I was horrified to find that my blog had dropped by over a 100 places. My head was full of questions. Was it the changeover of blog? Was it my holiday break? My reducing the time I spend online? I think my mind rolled through numerous reasons before I finally decided that maybe I’m just not writing enough, well enough or the right things.

I dwelled on this frustration for a while before I realised what an idiot I was.

Firstly I signed up to charts because others did, not because I really needed to. Secondly i asked why did I write?

Answer simply for me.

The words that fill these pages are the ramblings of my heart and my mind. If there is passion in a post it’s because I am feeling that passion in my heart. If there is fear I am fearful. My words are who I am.

Words are a gift that we have been given to help us express ourselves. Letting them fall out of our minds and on to the pages is such a liberating feeling.

Words have power, they can encourage and deflate. Words can cause pain but can also bring bring peace. Words can change minds, create action and so much more.

Sometimes finding the right word can be the hardest thing other times our words can flow like a river escaping it’s dam.

So I gave myself a gigantic kick up the bum. Yes it’s not nice when you start wondering that the content of your blog isn’t what others deem readable but the truth is that’s life.

The world would be a boring place if we were all the same.

I cannot write to conform I wouldn’t know where to start. I write because it’s my passion and as long as it stays that way statistics really don’t matter.

5 thoughts on “Statistics are not the reason I write

  1. Pat Yirrell

    You hit it right there Sara, I blog because I like to have an outlet for frustrations, OK some of my blogs are just about the daily grind, but some people do read it. My husband’s cousin said I make the ordinary sound interesting. Now I am blogging bore about my lovely Grandson. I agree statistics don’t matter.


  2. I’ve been reading your blog on the quiet for some time now. I keep reading because you write from the heart about what matters to you with a level of honesty that takes huge courage. Statistics can’t communicate that! Keep writing just as you do!


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