A Big Fan

I’ve been a big fan of Tania’s blog at the Larger Family Life for a while now . So when I read that she was writing a book I was rather


I received my book and read it the same day.

The book is a great insight to the Sullivan family. Their beliefs, hopes and dreams.

The whole book is full of information that could be helpful to any size family.



For me the way Tania and her husband have chosen to raise their family is very close to the way I strive  to raise mine. It was nice to read of someone who doesn’t buy into the material lifestyle.  Family values were very much a core part of this book.


Any regular readers of my blog will know that my faith is very important to me; Tania’s book holds close her convictions and beliefs.


Larger Family Life, living life the larger family way. Is a great book and I loved it from the beginning to end. My only complaint I was left wanting more and wishing Tania was my friend.


You can purchase the book via Tania’s   blog or at Lulu.com


*Please note that I brought my own copy of this book and have chosen to review it simply because I believe in it.

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