The best yet!

So today’s the day the girls go back to school. I actually think I’m more nervous than they are.

Kennedy enters year 11 the last of senior school. Eden enters year 9 a year of decisions regarding her options and Brodie my baby begins her final year of primary.

I guess you could say I’m in shock it only seems like yesterday I was dropping Kennedy off at nursery and walking home in tears. The fact that she is her final year of compulsory education has really freaked me out. Add to the fact that this time next year Brodie will be a senior I actually feel sick.

Where does the time go?

Can I stop them growing up?

As they all start their new years I do pray for better ones. Last year saw us face bullying issues and moral dilemma’s so severe that I began to consider pulling them out and homeschooling. Only their request and determination not to give in stopped me from doing so.

I am hoping that this year will be so much better for them. That they make friendships and learn to enjoy school once again.

So as I get up to start getting them all ready. I do so with a hopeful heart that this year will be the best yet for them all.

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