The best job ever

As I lie awake at a stupid hour due to chronic pain my mind is wandering.

Later today I’m off to finish the last of our back to school shopping. Only little bits to get, socks and a P.E bag oh and a pair of football boots for my tag rugby mad youngest.

I say my youngest yet I’m struck by how quick she has grown up. It only seems like it was yesterday i was dropping her off for her first day at nursery. Now on Tuesday she starts her last year of juniors. My eldest starts her final year of seniors. Where did the time go?

Yes the holidays have been exhausting a mixture of joy and angst but the truth is my girls are growing up way to fast and anytime together is cherished.

In less than four years my oldest will be off to university flying the nest as they say.

This scares me so much.

As often as I moan I love being a mom. The joy I get from my girls outweighs any of the stress.

Parenthood isn’t easy but it is the best job ever and I love it.

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