School Holidays Rock

I’m aching, emotional, hoarse from shouting and ready to fall into bed early most nights. Yes its school holiday time.

But do you know what School Holidays Rock!

I’ve got to paint, play hide & seek, eat snack food and generally have an awesome time. Best of all I’ve got talk, laugh, play, cuddle with my children.

School holidays give us freedom from routine and lets us just be. We get to just chill out, relax and have fun.

Of course it wouldn’t be so special if it wasn’t limited. Also my bank balance couldn’t cope with all the days out if it 365, but school holidays are just enough to make it special and affordable.

As a family we are lucky, we have a caravan and we save for holidays and days out. Though sometimes the purse strings get a little tight and we have to find more economical ways to have fun. The reality is we just enjoy being together as a family.

This year has been a little different, the teens have wanted to go their own way a little more but all in all once they are away from their peers they forget about acting like cool teenagers and relax and remember fun has no age restrictions.

I love spending time with my family and to be honest I’m shocked that we are already over half way through the holidays. Note to self finish shopping for new uniforms.

I have enjoyed every minute. Yes it’s been tiring even frustrating at times (did I mention I have teens).  But every day, every moment I get to spend with my children is a gift. They grow so quick and what I’ve learned the hard way is you can’t turn back time.

Hope you are enjoying the holidays and remember they are only children for such
a small time. Enjoy, embrace and make memories.

I am so convinced that School Holidays Rock I opened my blog for some guest posts. Pop back tomorrow to read how another awesome family are enjoying the holidays.

Don’t forget feel free to join in and let me know why you think School Holidays Rock !!!!!

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