What kind of woman???

I was chatting to a friend and she was discussing a recipe she was trying out I completely glazed over you see I cook to eat I don’t enjoy it.

We laughed over how unlike a woman I am.

I hate cooking, housekeeping is a bore. I’m far from crafty and while I enjoy a garden I forget to water plants and have been known to fondly grow weeds. Add this to my dislike of clothes shopping my friend asked me “what kind of woman are you??”.

To be truthful I don’t know how to answer this. I love children but also love my own space. I love to read but only murder, crime true stories etc, woman magazines bore me dreadfully.

I enjoy television but again only Crime dramas, CSI, action films. I hate reality programmes and things like, strictly come dancing or XFactor.

Clothes are a necessity I actually do like to look nice but have been known to buy the same top twice. I would love to dress more up to date but I just get frustrated and bored by shopping and trying on clothes. My wardrobe did improve with internet shopping. As for spending hours getting ready for a night out, the most I ever take is 20 minutes. My hairdresser gets mad at me too, I’m bored half way through my blow-dry.

I detest gossip and I’m very straight forward. It gets me into trouble at times. I can’t do celebrity worship I respect people who are good at their jobs admire musicians; actors etc but never stress about what or how they are doing.

I love my friends but prefer small gatherings to big groups.

So after all that, what kind of woman am I. My friend bless her decided I was “A strange one”. But am I really? Or is the truth in fact that I’m boringly normal and the image of woman who the media portrays is a little off course.

Let me know what you think am I normal or strange? Be nice x

8 thoughts on “What kind of woman???

  1. I think you’re quite normal. And much like the rest of out there if we were honest with ourselves. My husband does most of the cooking in our home because I am terrible at it. I took a class and even watch some of the cooking shows religiously. Nothing helps!! I hate clothes shopping and would live in a t-shirt and jeans if I could. I don’t know how “do” my own hair and make up for me is foundation and mascara. You’re not so different. I think that we all have different talents and gifts and those things drive us. The other things are simply not that important to us. Does that make sense??


  2. You’re a perfectly normal one. Why should ANYONE (including you) conform to the stereotypes perpetuated by the media? If we did that then I would be wearing suits covered in pearly buttons, walking round with my thumbs tucked behind my lapels, selling fruit off “me barrer”, and singing (and doing) “The Lambeth Walk”!

    Just be you. That’s all you need to be. After all, if that’s how God made you how can anyone argue with it?



  3. Hayley

    I think your you. And for that your friends love you. As a wise friend told me once, if we are all the same the world would be boring. Just because you don’t thrive off gossip or worship celebrities etc doesn’t mean your weird! It means your Sara. X


  4. Caroline

    Nah you’re weird!! .., sorry couldn’t resist :-p!
    Seriously though – you are YOU. You are how God made you… Special. Would be real boring I’f we were all the same 🙂


  5. Ha! You have just described me – so a ‘strange’ woman I must be too. Nope – actually – I think we are just normal – if normal is being who we are happy being and not surrendering to the pressure of the magazine and celeb culture. Happy to be a woman who doesn’t enjoy cooking, dries her hair in a breeze, and hasn’t a clue who is even appearing on Xfactor! 🙂


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