My perfect bubble

After writing about how I really need space yesterday. My mind got wandering,thinking about what would be my perfect bubble, my haven from the world.

A lot of ideas went through my head. A desert island, a house on the beach. A farm in the middle of nowhere. My final choice was a remote log cabin on a lake.

Somewhere where I could watch the water, listen to the trees and just feel at peace with the world.

I would have with me the books off my waiting to read list. Some music and of course my laptop for the moments I require human contact. Also stocked cupboards with my favourite foods and my preferred tipple.

Notice I haven’t mentioned my husband or children and yes this may sound horrid but for a few days solitude is what I need, what I am desperate for.

Of course after a few days they can join me playing on the lake and climbing trees. No Blackberrys allowed. ( anyone with teenagers will understand the need for the absence of BBM).

Just writing this down sounds heavenly. The idea of no one calling my name, no phone ringing. Nobody needing my attention. The joy of an uninterrupted meal. A cup of tea that hasn’t gone cold.

Before I disappear into the heavenly place I’m creating in my mind. Share with me your perfect bubble, create your haven. Maybe even write a blog post about it. If you do don’t forget to link back to me so I can have a read.


One thought on “My perfect bubble

  1. Nancy Schellin

    Love your haven! A cabin by the lake is my dream too. When my girls were small and the world was closing in, I’d sing a little song…..”I’m going to run away from home and open a boutique…somewhere near the base of Pike’s peak…” šŸ™‚ When Sarah was in the States last summer, we spent a few days by a lake, and dreamed of how wonderful it would be to have our own little lake cabin…aptly named “Pike’s Peak”. I see your deck has two chairs…mind if I join you?


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