Weight of the world

I’m so very tired, yet I’m struggling to sleep. I have no reason for this insomnia beyond the normality of my life.

Do you ever have times when you feel anxious and stressed, but cannot actually pin point the reason behind these feelings? That’s how I’m feeling right now.

My stomach is giving me trouble, headaches a plenty and my memory well I forgot where I left that.

I don’t understand what’s going on, maybe it’s just a bad week with my illness but the truth is I’m actually ok pain wise. Crazy right!

I’m loving having the children off school, even if I confess it is constant.

I wonder if it’s the dismay I feel from the world around me. The riots really shook me. The news is full of horror stories, neglect and selfishness.

Sometimes being part of this world brings me down. I dream of the fairytale land where families are united and friends are true. Where people like to work, learn and respect life and others around them.

I know that world is only in my dreams, human nature doesn’t allow for this to happen, greed, envy will always get in the way.

The truth is I just need to learn how to protect myself from it. Hide in my own bubble, staying true to who I am. It’s not easy. I just want everyone to be happy and content.

I was told today I look like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders and that’s exactly how I feel.

I need ideas to help me lower my anxiety and stress and I need to learn how to let go of the things I have no control over.

Any suggestions????

4 thoughts on “Weight of the world

  1. Hi Sara,

    I can’t offer you a quick fix to the thoughts and feelings inside you, but I know a trick from my own life when things get on top of me. I head off out of the house to go for a walk. It doesn’t need to be a long walk, but it does have to be away from concrete and people! Walk a little bit along the canal towpath, or into a nature reserve, or sutton park. Either keep walking if you’re ok walking, or find somewhere nice to just sit and watch the leaves flutter in the breeze and the birds swooping about. If you time it right you get to watch the sun set and the sky change.

    It doesn’t change anything in your life or any of your situations or relationships, but it gives you perspective and it connects you again with the God who loves you (in my experience anyway). It gives your lungs fresh oxygen and your head some valuable space.

    Might be an idea to go for it while you’re not in too much pain! … although I find it always helps me when I’m struggling with pain a lot too. It takes 100 times more effort then, but it also provides 100 times more rewards.

    Hope that helps. Just a thought.



    1. It would be lovely wouldn’t it. I’m finding it hard in the virtual world as in the real world. I wish people would just be honest and true. Thank you for commenting xxx what else do we need in our bubble ??


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