Too young to have faced so much.

My girls have had to face so much in their short lives that it sometimes leaves me angry at the cruelty of life. They have had to grow and face pain that is beyond their years.

This pain has left scars. It’s took pieces of their hearts away and left them with worries others have never considered.

Saturday my two older girls went out on a bike ride and my eldest Kennedy went over her handle bars and landed in the road with a right thump.

Thankfully besides from being shook up, grazed and bruised she was ok, but for my second eldest Eden it was a different matter. She literally fell apart.

These two teens argue like cat and dog but Eden tells me that when Kennedy hit the ground “she couldn’t breathe for fear”. Even when she realised Kennedy was ok she couldn’t let go of the nightmare she was imagining, losing another sister.

Kennedy told me that sore and battered she had to calm Eden down. Eden was sobbing, heartbroken with fear.

I hate that a bike accident can scare my daughter so much. That she has faced the horror of loss twice that she is so aware, so scared,and expecting it again.

How many thirteen years fear the loss of a sibling. How many are woken with nightmares of her sister always out of her reach.

How many dream of cures and miracles so others don’t feel their pain.

Life isn’t fair, I hate the loss of my girls innocence.

I want their only worries to be of prom dresses and make up.

Yet we can’t turn back time. Kennedy’s accident was just a reminder that life is unpredictable and the only thing we can do is embrace it, live it and love.

Make the most of today is our motto. I just wish my girls hadn’t had to learn this the hard way.




5 thoughts on “Too young to have faced so much.

  1. Jen

    Our Children are “old” souls.. They have more compassion than most adults.. They will go on to make a real difference. I wish I could change what they have gone through and continue to got through but they are truly amazing..



    I rejoice with you that Kennedy was okay, beyond some bruises. I’m sorry your girls have to face so many fears. But they are learning that life isn’t always easy; that sometimes bad things happen to good people. Some kids take everything for granted, and that’s not so good, either. I’m thankful that you know our Lord and Savior. May God bless your family abundantly.

    Love in Christ, kingfisher


  3. Beautiful post. Your poor girls but they have you and each other and life will give them so many happy memories. They shall never forget but they will embrace. True love.


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