Horrid Henry

Last Sunday afternoon we were lucky enough to go watch Horrid Henry the Movie at the cinema, courtesy of Think Jam.

Horrid Henry The Movie

My girls have been fans of the books for a long time and excitement was high especially when my niece and nephew decided to join us.



Filmed in 3D for theatrical release, this British children’s comedy is based on the bestselling books by Francesca Simon. Theo Stevenson stars as the behaviourally-challenged Horrid Henry, who wages his constant battle against the tyranny of adults including his teacher Miss Battle-Axe (Angelica Huston), headmistress Mrs Oddbod (Rebecca Front) and the Demon Dinner Lady (Jo Brand) – and that’s before he even gets
started on his holier-than-thou little brother Perfect Peter (Ross Marron).

What can I say about the film, the kids loved it! I personally was left shaking my head at
some cringe worthy moments but the kids were giggling away and they were completely
caught up in the storyline of saving the school.

The soundtrack from the film is rather catchy and the car journey home was filled with the chorus from ‘To cool for school’ and the ‘Homework’ song. Theo Stevenson has a good
voice and became a hero to my kids before the end of the film.

In the children’s words…..

“Horrid Henry was awesome “7 year old nephew Toby.

“The talent show was the best bit” 10 year old niece Caitlyn

“I want to be a rock star and be too cool for school” My daughter Brodie.

Too cool for school


So for a fun family film I do recommend Horrid Henry but adults be aware that it is for kids and not something that can really be enjoyed by all ages. A great way to spend some of the holidays.

Thanks again Think Jam.

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