My weekend list

I’ve just been catching up on things following our weekend trying out our new caravan. I’ve learned a few things over this break.

1. Autism and caravans are an eventful mix.

2. Teenagers can be parted from their mobiles.

3. I haven’t forgotten how to read a good book.

4. I love peace and quiet.

5. My daughters attract boys

6. The sea brings me peace.

7. My family is awesome

8.My girls are growing up.

9.I can’t wait to go again.

10. I’m thankful



3 thoughts on “My weekend list

  1. Great pics! Nice to see so many ticked boxes! Don’t think my teenager would go away without her mobile partly as she listens to Radio 1 with earplugs constantly!! Worth a try, I guess! Where is that beautiful beach? x


    1. It’s ainedale beach near Southport. It was lovely if a bit windy. The girls didn’t survive the whole weekend without phones but did forget about them to have some fun x


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